Sophos Rack Mount Kits

Functional integration as well as faster and more secure application processes with the high-quality rack mount kits from racknex for your Sophos appliance.

All desktop firewall kits from racknex are perfectly designed for the integration of Sophos firewalls. The rack mount kits bring the full functionality of your desktop firewall into the rack units of your server rack and optimize the application processes with the Sophos desktop appliance.

New Sophos firewall rack mount kits


Desktop Firewall Kits are shipped fully assembled and ready to use after attaching the four rack screws (included).
Prices quoted include all connections (unshielded). A shielded version and cables to the respective ports can be configured individually in the online store.

More function and quality

For the connectors and cables racknex guarantees highest reliability in continuous operation by using internationally certified quality components.
The design of the desktop firewall kits ensures ventilation and device-friendly mounting of your valuable desktop devices by means of a special air and belt system.

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